Loft conversion step by step

We fell in love with a Victorian terrace house in South East London but with only two bedrooms, it was smaller than the flat we’d just sold.

To make it work for us we knew we’d have to extend it, we could see from the street and the garden that a few of the neighbours had converted their lofts so we set about doing our research.

We spoke to three different loft conversion companies before deciding to choose South London Lofts – they weren’t the cheapest but they did seem to offer the best quality and attention to detail.

We opted to add two extra rooms and bathroom in our loft and we were astounded by how they were able to create so much extra space.

From beginning to end the project took four months. Since most of the building work was taking place from the roof downwards that’s the way the builders entered the house meaning that there was comparatively little disruption to the ground floor and first floor.

Amazingly the stairs were in within a couple of weeks and we were able to see the space starting to take shape.

Top tips for loft conversions

  1. See if you can get extra two rooms instead of one – there are definitely economies of scale in loft conversions – adding an extra room only increased the price by around 20% so it’s well worth it if your budget will stretch
  2. If you have original floorboards elsewhere in your house try to match them – we sourced some antique pine floorboards from a reclamation yard via eBay and managed to get a good deal
  3. Think carefully about where you put radiators if you opt to have them over underfloor heating as their location will limit the walls your furniture can go on
  4. Get custom made storage – to really optimise the unique size and shape of y our space think about contracting a carpenter to make bespoke shelving and cupboards. We decided to replicate the original Victorian alcove cupboards on the lower floors of the house for consistency and this seamlessly connects the loft to the rest of the house
  5. Think about whether you really want your bathroom to be en suite, it might seem like a luxury but unless you’ve got an enormous loft space the reality is an en suite will be within earshot of your bed! Not sexy!!  We decided having the bathroom accessed from the hallway gave us more flexibility (and privacy)

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