Transforming bathrooms into living spaces

Replacing a dripping tap turned into a project to totally reconfigure and refurbish our bathroom…

Our three bedroom Victorian terrace house would have originally had an outside bathroom.

Sometime in the 1950’s a proud previous owner decided they’d had enough of peeing in the cold and made the sensible decision to convert one of the three bedrooms into a cushy indoor bathroom.

As a result we lost a bedroom but gained the luxury of a rather enormous bathroom so it seemed rude not to try and add a bit of opulence!

The previous owners had last decorated the bathroom in the 80s and when the hot tap on the old pedestal basic developed a leak we decided to replace it. We really prefer mixer taps though so that meant we would also need to replace the basin with one that had a single tap hole.

Since we were replacing the basin we wondered if it was really in the best location for the space. As we examined the wall we realised we were actually looking at an alcove that had been boarded up so we took a sledge hammer to the plasterboard! It revealed a space perfect for housing one end of a freestanding bath and some wall mounted shelves so we decided to bite the bullet, reconfigure where all the fittings were located in the space and replace the whole suite.

Relocating the bath to this new space also freed up space to add a freestanding shower.





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