When is a shed not a shed?

How about when it get’s pimped up to garden room status?

The old shed we inherited when we bought our house was falling to bits. It was being eaten by veracious ivy plant, lived in by foxes and starting to lean at a 45 degree angle!

We made the decision to replace it but when it came down to it – we wondered if a shed could be more than just a place to store our bikes?

How much space do I need?

Well our garden is about 50ft in length and 16ft wide, when we demolished the tiny old shed we were amazed at how much space we were left with to build a new unit.

We decided to go for a bespoke shed building 13ft square pretty much filling the width of the garden at the bottom end but allowing just enough space to walk around the shed.

Configuring the space

What do you want to use your shed for? Design it around your needs. We wanted a junk/bike storage space and a sun room so we decided to divide the space horizontally installing sliding doors internally to close off the storage room. We also opted for full width sliding, folding aluminium glass doors and an additional 3m long glass roof light.

Doing the build

We found an amazing company based in Coventry who agreed to build us a bespoke unit based on a customised version of one of their standard units. The unit was manufactured and test built in their factory offsite and then taken apart and shipped out to us. To install it they just needed a level floor – we had a hotchpotch of paving slabs left over from the previous owner and these provided an adequate base.

It took just two days to build the unit from scratch including fitting the flooring and our builders came back a few days later to install the internal sliding doors which were also manufactured to a bespoke design.

Creating a courtyard garden

We deliberately made the design of the shed reflect the design of our kitchen – using the same aluminium doors and black finish, the two rooms are linked by a winding garden path made from railway sleepers which makes it feel like a really private courtyard.


Top tip

To make your posh shed look natural in its setting curate some bushy plant life around it to soften the edges. We originally planned to dig out the surrounding plants but the way the building appears to nestle amongst the bushes makes it looks like it has always been there.



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